Offering discounts is a great way to encourage customers to purchase your products. By giving a percentage or dollar amount off the regular price, you create a sense of urgency that motivates shoppers to take action. There are several types of discounts you can offer, including:

1. Percentage Off

Percentage-off discounts are the most common type of discount offered by Shopify stores. They work by reducing the price of an item by a specific percentage, such as 10% or 20%.

2. Dollar Amount Off

Dollar-amount discounts are another popular type of discount that allows customers to save a specific dollar amount on their purchase, such as $10 or $20 off.

3. Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO)

BOGO discounts are an effective way to incentivize customers to purchase more than one item. With a BOGO discount, customers receive a free item when they purchase a specific product.

4. Free Shipping

Offering free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to complete their purchase. This discount reduces the cost of the order for the customer and can result in a higher average order value for the business.

5. Time-Limited

Time-limited discounts are discounts that are only available for a specific period of time. These can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take action quickly.

By offering discounts, Shopify stores can attract new customers, increase sales, and encourage repeat purchases. When used effectively, discounts can also help businesses increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are another effective marketing strategy for Shopify stores. They allow customers to purchase a credit or voucher that can be redeemed for products at a later date. Gift cards have a number of benefits, including:

1. Increased Sales

When customers purchase gift cards, it’s essentially like pre-paying for a future purchase. This can result in increased sales for the business, as customers are more likely to spend more than the value of the gift card when they come to redeem it.

2. Customer Loyalty

Offering gift cards can help build customer loyalty. When customers receive a gift card, they are more likely to return to the store to redeem it. This can result in repeat business and increased brand loyalty.

3. New Customers

Gift cards can also be used as a way to attract new customers. By offering gift cards as a prize or incentive, businesses can encourage new customers to try their products.

4. Increased Brand Awareness

Gift cards can help increase brand awareness. When customers purchase or receive a gift card, they are more likely to share it with friends and family. This can result in new customers and increased brand recognition.

Shopify stores can benefit from offering gift cards by increasing sales, building customer loyalty, attracting new customers, and increasing brand awareness. Gift cards are an effective marketing strategy that can help businesses grow and thrive.


Discounts and gift cards are two effective marketing strategies that can help Shopify stores attract and retain customers. By offering discounts, businesses can increase sales, build brand loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases. Gift cards, on the other hand, can help increase sales, attract new customers, and build brand awareness. When used effectively, both discounts and gift cards can help businesses grow and succeed.


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